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Top IT Trends in 2015?

training-trends_EMAILIt’s a new year and one of the goals you’ve set is to learn a new technology. But where to start? There are so many options! Based on our viewer stats from the last two years, we’ve highlighted eight technologies/vendors that will be big in 2015.

Which will be the next passion you conquer?

8. Cloud. It’s more than just a buzzword; cloud computing technology is poised to become the next big thing in IT. Powerhouses such as Amazon and Google have rolled out cloud-based platforms. So why not hop on board with the cloud revolution? [Read more]

7. Linux. Open source technology continues to be popular because it’s easy to access, flexible, and a lot of it is free. That’s why Linux, the open source pioneer, is still going strong.  Nowadays, just about every server room features open source technology. [Read more]

6. CompTIA. What’s awesome about CompTIA? It’s vendor neutral, so it’s a great starting point for learning new technologies, from networking to security. Whether you’re new to IT or adding to your skill set, CompTIA training and certs can meet your needs. [Read more]

5. Programming. IT might not be your thing, and that’s OK. Programming is an exciting and challenging alternative that will flex and expand your creative horizons as you work at the foundation-level of many different programs, technologies, etc. [Read more]

4. Juniper. Looking to mix things up? Look no further than Juniper. Another plus? More companies are turning to Juniper Networking to address their needs, so there’s increasing demand for Juniper networking pros. [Read more]

3. Security. It seems like a day doesn’t go by without another major data breach. No wonder security continues to be a hot area of IT. Whether it’s protecting a network or encrypting a single file, having IT security skills is always helpful. [Read more]

2. Project Management. IT involves a lot of projects — each with a lot of steps and team members. So the demand for experienced pros who can lead projects from start to finish, on time and under budget, is growing. Plus, it’s a well-paying field. [Read more]

1. VMware. Who doesn’t want to save space, time, and money? Virtualization enables companies to do all three by helping them streamline tasks and operations. And when it comes to virtualization, VMware is one of the most trusted and respected vendors.  [Read more]

Wondering why you don’t see Cisco or Microsoft on this list? Make no mistake, both are still popular; they made up nearly 50 percent of total views at CBT Nuggets last year. However, their industry dominance may be slipping as more options become available — both categories declined in total views and percentage of views.

What do you think of this list? What would you add or remove?


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