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Thoughts of a Training Procrastinator

Hi, I’m Sue*, and I’m a serial training procrastinator.

Here at CBT Nuggets, employees are not only encouraged, but required to make training a part of their work week. We foster a culture of learning like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s truly empowering. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to training. It always starts off innocently enough. A calendar reminder pops up and I think, “Oh, well I’m right in the middle of this project and I’m making really good progress. Here, I’ll set the snooze alert.

Then when the snooze alert goes off ten minutes later, “Well, I’m this close to finishing this project. I should be done in 30 minutes. I know! I’ll set myself a new calendar reminder for then.

Then 30 minutes later when my new calendar reminder pops up a whole new set of random thoughts and reasons to keep delaying my training pops into my head. At that point it’s just this big downward spiral that goes something like this:

Ok. Let’s do this. Let me just open up a new browser window and log in…

Let me just check Twitter one more time to make sure nothing needs immediate attention.

And while I’m at it I may as well check facebook.

Oh what song is this? (Checks pandora.)

Oh it’d be kinda funny to document all the ways I can procrastinate. (Starts a new doc and jots down notes.)

Ok NOW I’ll start training.

Man I’m thirsty. I should go get some water before I get started. (Goes and gets water. Ends up chatting with coworkers in the kitchen for 15 minutes about a pending project.)

Now what did I do with my headphones??

I should probably hit the restroom before I sit down for my 30 minutes training… I wouldn’t want to have to stop midway through.

You know what? I’m just going to get bombarded if I stay at my desk, I should go find a quiet place. (Checks Google calendar for unreserved quiet room.)

Are you serious? There are no rooms open for another two hours…I guess I need to set another reminder in my calendar.

Then two hours later my calendar reminder pops up and I go through my mental checklist, “Water… check. Headphones… check. Quiet space… check. Laptop… check. Let’s do this!

After I train for 30 minutes, watching not one, but two nuggets I think, “Man that felt great… why did I wait so long to do that!? For my next training time, I’m definitely NOT going to procrastinate.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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