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Tech News Bit: Smarter Snowboarding

email-blog (7)Snowboarding just got an upgrade — in a big, tech way! Cerevo, a Japan-based company, just introduced XON Snow-1, a set of sensor-enabled bindings that are able to track your movement and weight distribution while boarding. The bindings then upload the data in real time to the XON Snow-1 app. See the app in action in this Mashable article.

As as novice snowboarder, I’ve always been interested in my form while I’m riding. Do I tend to favor one leg over the other? Do I put more weight on my front foot (than I should) when turning? XON Snow-1 answers these questions perfectly. The app logs all the angles your feet are pointed at during a run, and shows the intensity of your weight distribution. XON-Snow-1 even tracks the flex of your board!

The real test with this app is whether or not this data log will translate into making you into a better snowboarder. Regardless, having a bunch of data to pinpoint how you performed during a run is definitely a good thing. XON-Snow-1 appears to be an awesome tech invention and it has definitely made me want to go hit the slopes. How about you?


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