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The Techie’s Wish List

ITProsWishlist_EMAILWith the holiday season underway in many parts of the world, we asked some CBT Nuggets IT and development pros what tech gadgets are on their wish lists. Maybe their lists will help you create your own, if you haven’t already!

  • I want a Flowbee so I can cut my own hair. – Ryan S., QA Engineer
  • The only tech gift that I want would be a PS4. I hear a co-worker rave about his and apparently I’m really missing out. – Mike O., DevOps Engineer
  • Gear Vr. Basically an Oculus Dev Kit, but for Note 4 owners. I want it so that I can check in on Virtual Reality progress as I am excited for the future of VR. I would mostly use it for gaming and showing off VR to friends. – Bryan K., Software Engineer
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Until such time that someone builds the perfect convertible laptop (I’m looking at you, Lenovo; the Thinkpad Yoga is so close…), the Note Pro seems like the best device to meet my need for having a portable media consumption device and doodle pad. – Trent D., QA Engineer
  • I am following anything around home automation. I have been eye balling the Nest, IP cameras, automatic locks/lights, robotic babysitter, etc. – Zach B., Software Engineer
  • One of those big backup batteries to charge USB devices on-the-go. – Dave C., DevOps Engineer
  • Amazon Echo because I need to find a way to remember things without having to write them down, and I like the trivia answers part of it without people pulling out their phones. – Peter O., Front-end Developer
  • A gaming mouse! I wanted one so I can game with one hand.  – Cara C., Salesforce Engineer
  • I need a NAS drive for my media collection as I successfully side-loaded XBMC onto the Amazon Fire TV stick. – Aaron B., Front-end Developer

What’s on your tech wish list?


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