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#NuggetChat: Top Tech of 2014

email-blogFor our last NuggetChat of the year we’re talking top tech of 2014. What do you think were the big hits (or misses) in IT this year? Join our Twitter chat to share your thoughts!

When: 10 a.m. (Pacific Time) Monday, December 15

Special guest: CBT Nuggets trainers Chris Ward and Garth Schulte!

How to join: Starting at 10 a.m. (Pacific Time), check our Twitter feed (@CBTNuggets). During course of the 30-minute chat, we’ll ask questions related to tech trends and award prizes. Be sure to check out our latest NuggetCast to get up to speed!

When answering the questions, make sure you use the hashtag #NuggetChat, so that we can see your answers. We also encourage you to follow the #NuggetChat hashtag so you also can see what others are tweeting.

Prizes: Five prize packs are up for grabs, so you’ll definitely want to join in!

Make sure you follow CBT Nuggets so you don’t miss any questions or prize announcements, and be sure to follow Chris and Garth too!

Help us spread the word about #NuggetChat through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+…the bigger the chat, the better!


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