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Tech News Bit: GCP Targets AWS

technews-google-aws_EMAILIt’s no secret that Amazon Web Services is the current lead storage provider with its cloud service platform. But earlier this week, Google announced it was slashing prices for its Google Cloud Platform in an effort to be more competitive with AWS. You can read more about the move in this Mashable article.

During Google’s Cloud Platform conference, we learned about various new features like the Google Container Engine. Essentially, this will allow businesses to move from managing application components on virtual machines to Docker containers. Using this feature, Google says, “users will be able to create and tie together container-based services to make it possible for companies to log, monitor and manage incoming data.”

GCP could look especially attractive to businesses after some of these latest price cuts:

  • 10% on Google Compute Engine
  • 23% on BigQuery Storage
  • 25% on large Cloud SQL instances

The battle between AWS and Google for the title of best cloud storage provider will continue to rage on. With this latest announcement, Google has taken a step toward asserting itself as more than just a secondary option. If you’re in the market for a cloud provider, Google is definitely giving you a viable option.

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