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The Great Things About Working in IT

Working in IT can mean long hours, high stress, and dealing with a lot of head-scratching moments. But there’s also a lot to love about being in IT. We reached out to our fans and our own IT pros to find out why they enjoy working in IT. Here are the best things about working in IT:email-blog (17)

You’re always doing something new:

“Each day presents a different challenge to be solved, unlike in other industries where routines are the norm.” – Tulonga N.

“The opportunity to continually learn and grow at a dizzying pace.” – Justin K.

Perks of the job:

“Working from home.” – Beso B.

“Any other line of work would question my coffee intake, and tell me about how it’s not healthy to drink that much coffee.” – Bradley D.

That taste of sweet success:

“That moment you understand a concept and put it into action is the best ever…” – Shaun V-T.

“When the other members of the IT department can’t fix a problem and I can fix it immediately, followed by a ‘skaboom’ and a big grin.” – James M.

There’s always a need:

“It’s stable and ubiquitous. If I have to up and move a couple states over for some reason, there will still be networks to manage.” – Kyle U.

“There’s hardly a company out there that doesn’t need IT, so there are millions of opportunities.” – Mike O.

Teamwork is encouraged:

“I get to work with all departments and interact with other people.” – Dave C.

“The people I come across are generally really great assets to me, not just for their knowledge, but for themselves.” – Matthew S.

Finally, one fan shared this quote that we thought was fitting no matter what industry you work in. Thanks Benjamin B.!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life.” 

So, what do you love about being in IT?


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