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Coach’s Playbook: You and Success

training-tip-of-the-week_EMAIL_orangeIn a previous blog post we stressed the importance of having a strong support network —  it’s good to have people to encourage you during difficult times and celebrate your success. But ultimately, it’s up to YOU to define what success means to you, and then attain it.

There are many ways to define success, whether it’s nailing down a particular concept, acing a practice exam, or earning a cert! Here’s another way of looking at success when you’re training for cert: “SUCCESS” depends on the second letter!

  • “U” are in charge of your level of commitment.
  • “U” are in control of your schedule.
  • “U” determine your approach to your training.

 But remember, you are not alone! CBT Nuggets is there with you every step of the way — from our world-class trainers, to our customer support team, to our Accountability Coaches. Be a part of the team… and remember, success is all about you!

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