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5 Computer Shopping Tips

computer_shopping_tips_EMAILCyber Monday is right around the corner. If you’re in the market for a new computer, it might be an ideal time to score big! But shopping for a new computer can be overwhelming. Here’s a list tips for buying a new computer. Happy shopping!

  1. Set a budget. Whether you have $300 or $2,000 to spend, you need to stick within your budget. It might mean getting a tablet instead of a laptop, or going with a smaller version. But if you do your research, you can find the right fit for you — and your wallet. Prevent buyer’s remorse!
  1. Determine your main use. Are you looking for a computer to work on from home? Is it for heavy gaming? Or just for checking your email and browsing Facebook? How you’re planning to use a computer, and how often, plays a huge role in determining what to purchase. There’s so much to consider in terms of screen size, memory, graphics cards, etc.
  1. PC or laptop or tablet? If you’re on the go often, then it’s a no-brainer — a light, compact tablet or laptop is the best option. Even if you mostly use your computer at home, more people are choosing laptops for their home computers because they take up less space and are energy efficient. But desktops cost less and offer the same features, if not more.
  1. Go “new to you.” Maybe your heart is set on a higher-end model such as a Macbook Pro, and the only problem is the cost. Consider buying a refurbished model, which can save you hundreds of dollars. However, be sure to use a trusted vendor or site that guarantees its work. Better yet, find one that provides warranties such as Apple or Newegg.
  1. Don’t skimp on on the small stuff. As tempting as it might be to save a couple of bucks here and there, remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” You don’t want to end up with a computer that can’t meet your needs, or barely lasts a year or two. Make sure you invest in quality components.

What are your computer-shopping tips?


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