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Tech News Bit: The Downside of 3D Printing


If you follow this blog then you know that we’re big fans of 3D printing. Earlier this week, 3D printing was in the news for an unsavory reason. As reported in this Yahoo News article, a Japanese man, Yoshimoto Imura, was arrested for creating guns with a 3D printer.

Mr. Imura had managed to produce a gun capable of firing, and he did it using a 3D printer. Imura then posted a video detailing how to create your own weapon. Japan has notoriously strict gun-control policies, and so the result for Imura is a two-year jail sentence. The real scare generated by this creation is that a weapon made of 3D printed material isn’t currently detectable by standard security equipment.

We have often marveled at the potential of 3D printing. The advancements being made in the medical field are especially astounding. For example, earlier this week a man diagnosed with cartilage cancer in his heel began to walk thanks to a titanium 3D printed replica of his heel!

The good news is that the positive impacts of 3D printing definitely outweigh the negative (so far). You can be sure that we’ll continue to keep an eye on this promising technology.


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