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Why You Shouldn’t Cheat

You’re mentally and physically frayed. Your brain is overwhelmed and your eyes ache. Studying for that IT certification exam is taking its toll. You’ve heard of braindumps and start wondering if that might be the way to go. After all, you’ve done a lot of work; who would know if you took a little shortcut?nocheat_EMAIL

Resist the urge! Here are five reasons why cheating on exams doesn’t pay off. Keep these in mind if you feel tempted to cheat.

1. It violates NDAs. Most vendors require exam takers to sign nondisclosure agreements. Violating an NDA can result in being stripped of your certification or being banned from taking exams again. Then there’s the question of legality. If you use material from braindump sites, could you be prosecuted? Maybe. Read this TechRepublic article for more info.

2. It devalues the cert process. Braindumps go against the spirit of the IT certification process. Earning a cert requires dedication, time, and hard work, all of which make achieving certification that much sweeter. When you cheat, you aren’t just ruining things for yourself, but other students as well. It’s like you’re saying their honest efforts to pass the exam don’t matter. Don’t be that person.

3. It can kill your career. Word travels fast among IT circles. If you cheat and are caught, people will find out. The result? You could lose your job or be blacklisted when it comes to job hunting. Trust and reliability are highly valued in the IT industry. If you cheat on an exam, can you be counted on to perform your job ethically? Probably not.

4. Your lack of skills will be exposed. IT pros are a smart bunch. If you don’t know your stuff, it will be evident to others. If you can answer exam questions just because you knew what questions were coming, you don’t really understand the material. So what happens when you’re put to the test at work and can’t come through? BUSTED. To be a good IT pro, you can’t just know what to do, you have to understand why you do it as well.

5. You cheat yourself too. Maybe your original intentions were pure, but once you decide to turn to braindumps, you throw away all the time, money, and effort you invested. Sure, you might have that cert in hand, but does it really mean anything? You didn’t work for it,  you don’t know the material, and hopefully, you feel kind of rotten about cheating. Why put yourself through that? Take your time, do things the right way, and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself — even during the grueling, frustrating parts of the IT certification process.

The consensus among CBT Nuggets users is that using braindump sites count as cheating. Many of them suggested that, due to the popularity of braindumps, exams should be more lab-based. This method offers a better way of measuring candidates’ abilities to apply their knowledge and skills.


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