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A CBT Nuggets trainer since 2001, Garth Schulte is our longest tenured trainer. Guess what led him to CBT Nuggets in the first place? He was searching for online IT training!

Garth’s areas of expertise include Visual Studio, SQL Server, and .Net. More recently, he has focused on Google Cloud Platform technology. He’s a Google Certified Trainer, one of a very few non-Google employees to earn the distinction. Garth is currently working on two Google Cloud training courses, “Google App Engine: Qualified Developer” and “Google BigQuery: Qualified Developer.”

Later this month, Garth will be leading Google Cloud training sessions at IC3, a cloud computing & DevOps conference in San Francisco. For more information, click here.

Here are links to everything Garth-related, from his training courses to his blog posts.

Garth in action:

In his words: 

Garth in the media

Connect with Garth: 


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