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Coach’s Playbook: Schedule Success

training-tip-of-the-week_EMAIL_orangeTo get the most out of your training, and be prepared on exam day, you NEED to set aside time to do nothing but train. We understand that can be tough when you have other commitments (job, family, working out, etc.). Here are the “4P” tips from the CBT Nuggets Coaching Team on how to schedule training time:

  • PLAN it out: Put training time on your calendar. Treat it like a meeting that you’re running with a conference room full of co-workers.
  • Make it a PRIORITY: Nothing is more, or less, important than anything else on your calendar. What’s important is what you are doing NOW!
  • Be PRESENT: 100 percent of your attention needs to be on the task at hand. No checking email, browsing Facebook, etc. Be all in — fully present and in the moment!
  • PERFORMANCE: If you’re completely focused on what you are doing, while you are doing it, you will be more efficient and productive. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out your calendar and start scheduling your way to success!

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