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5 Study Apps to Help You Conquer

Studying can be challenging, especially when you’re busy. But there are a lot of apps that can help! We’ve put together a list of five must-have study apps to help you be more organized, save time, and achieve success.top5studyapps_EMAIL

Dropbox: Do you take a lot of notes, or download PowerPoint presentations? Then you need a place to store all your study resources. Dropbox, the popular file-hosting service, lets you store, sync, and access files easily. Plus, users receive up to 2GB of space free.

Study Checker: The amount of time you spend studying (or not) plays a major role in how well you learn material. The Study Checker app analyzes when and how often you study, and helps you figure out how to use your time more efficiently.

Post-It Plus: Maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers to jot key concepts or ideas on Post-It notes. It can be hard to keep track of and compile those notes (especially when the adhesive starts wearing off!). The Post-It Plus app lets you snap photos of up to 50 Post-Its, which you can then organize digitally.

StudyBlue: Ever use flashcards to memorize multiplication tables? They were fun, and they worked, right? With the StudyBlue app, you can create your own mobile flashcards, complete with images and sound! StudyBlue also allows you to make review sheets and quizzes. Also, you’ll keep these flashcards in your phone, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Evernote: Whether your notes consist of text, web pages, or even voice memos, Evernote can help you archive it all. You can sort your notes, add comments, and more. The app is compatible with multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), and also plays nice with other apps including Post-It Plus. Another bonus: CBT Nuggets has Evernote training!

What other apps do you use to help you study and be successful? Share them below.


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