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Tech News Bit: Wine Critics Beware

robot-wine_EMAILWine critics better watch out! Earlier this week, researchers in Denmark announced that they’ve created a robotic artificial tongue that tests whether expensive or cheap wine actually tastes better. You can find more details from TechCrunch here.

What this artificial tongue does is measure the sharpness of a particular wine. The device has an optical nanosensor that determines how your flavor sensors experience the sensation of dryness. Essentially, the tongue is measuring the molecules in your mouth.

I’ve personally wondered whether a high-priced bottle of wine actually tastes better than a cheaper variant. Psychologically, we can think a particular wine is better simply because we believe there must be a correlation between quality and price. This robot aims to eliminate those perceptions (or misperceptions).

Ultimately, wine critics will always be valued because each individual has his own tastes and preferences. But the ability of this technology to measure an effect, instead of just counting molecules, shouldn’t be understated. As the TechCrunch article points out, this technology could lead to some awesome medical breakthroughs.

What do you think about the wine tasting robot? What wine would you ask the robot to taste?


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