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Tech News Bit: Microsoft on the Move

email-blogMicrosoft is at it again! Earlier this week, the software giant announced it was purchasing Mojang, the Swedish group behind the popular game Minecraft. This marks the first major acquisition under new CEO Satya Nadella. Here are more details from Yahoo News.

What’s truly special about Minecraft is its community. The creativity allowed in the game definitely is a big draw for kids (and kids at heart). The game lets players build almost anything they can imagine. For Microsoft, this move actually makes a lot of sense. By buying Minecraft, Microsoft now has access to another huge gaming community (the game has already sold 54 million copies).

The question is, what is Microsoft’s long-term plan for Minecraft and its expansive community? Your guess is as good as ours! Perhaps Microsoft, like many, envisions Minecraft as a digital Lego-building universe with limitless potential. Then again, maybe it just wants to be able to port Minecraft to the Windows Phone or bundle the game with other Microsoft products.

The initial statement from the company is a positive one —  it intends to maintain and grow the Minecraft community, as well as extend the game’s reach to additional platforms. Time will tell, but based on Microsoft’s willingness to pay $2.5 billion for Minecraft, company executives must feel that the game has a bright future.

Are you a Minecraft player? If so, what do you think about Microsoft’s move?

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