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Spicy Times in Austin

CBTN booth

Team CBTN (including trainer Chris Ward, in yellow) at the opening of Club Nuggets.

Chili peppers. Dinosaurs. Light sabers.

Add about 1,000 IT pros to the combo, and the resulting event is called SpiceWorld Austin.

CBTN tattoos

The CBTN tattoo parlor was open for business.

The annual conference took place last week, and a small team from CBT Nuggets was dispatched to investigate. Who goes to SpiceWorld? Is it like any other tech conference? Should it be permanently marked on our calendars?

The answers are: Much of the Spiceworks community; not at all; absolutely.

Kindle drawing

Getting ready to give away a Kindle Fire (and don’t worry, the zombie bite was easily removed).

In the event you aren’t familiar with Spiceworks, it’s an online community for IT pros. Vendors like CBT Nuggets participate as well, as long as we contribute valuable info and don’t simply push a product. Those rules are pretty easy for us to follow, and we’ve found the Spiceworks forums to be overflowing with intelligence, wit, and technical expertise.

Lee CBTN customer

It was awesome to run into CBTN customers like Lee!

SpiceWorld took that atmosphere from virtual to real. We had a blast at our “Club Nuggets” booth, talking to tons of interesting folks. See you in 2015!


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