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New Course: Salesforce AppExchange and Third-Party Apps

Want to get the most out of Salesforce? Enter Salesforce AppExhange! This online marketplace features an array of powerful third-party apps that can help you maximize Salesforce. Learn how to use AppExchange, as well as popular apps within it, with a new CBT Nuggets training course, “Salesforce AppExchange and Third-Party Apps.”jim-salesforce-appexchange_EMAIL

During this 16-video course, trainer and Salesforce guru Jim Anthony covers the basics of using Salesforce AppExchange app store. He also explains how to use popular third-party apps including Cirrus Insight and Docusign.

Course videos:

  1. Intro to AppEchange
  2. Email and Calendar Sync
  3. Dashboards and Reports
  4. Productivity through Gamification
  5. Managing the Sales Process
  6. Document Signing App
  7. Mass Emails
  8. Importing and Exporting Data
  9. Sales Intelligence — Know your Customer
  10. Geolocation — Mapping
  11. Generate Documents with Conga Composer
  12. Using Surveys with Salesforce — ClickTools
  13. De-Duping Records with DupeCatcher
  14. Mass Updates/Edits
  15. Field Usage — Know your Limits
  16. Marketing Automation with Act-On

Start learning how to utilize Salesforce AppExchange — start watching this course now! If you haven’t used Salesforce before, watch Jim’s introductory “Salesforce” course to get up to speed.


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