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Are You Destined for IT?

Choosing a career path can be daunting. Ideally, you want a job that you’re passionate about, but that also pays the bills and some. Sometimes, the signs to which path you should take aren’t that obvious. So we’ve put together an unofficial checklist of reasons why you should consider an IT career.signs_you_IT_EMAIL

1. You prefer being indoors. Working outside can be a lot of fun, but maybe being in the hot sun or the middle of a snowstorm isn’t your idea of a good time. Most IT work is done indoors, so you’re spared from extreme temperatures — unless your office has HVAC issues.

2. Your family and friends ask you to fix their tech issues. If people are always turning to you help them install a program or set up a router, you’re already halfway there. Being able to deal with family members’ requests and keeping a level head sets you up well for an IT career.

3. Your favorite movies are tech-related. Love “Hackers” and “Swordfish”? We don’t blame you. Hollywood makes IT look exciting and sexy. So maybe it’s time to find out what IT is really like? You could find yourself in a superhero role whenever you restore a network or get a downed website back up.

4. You always have the latest gadgets. Are you one of those people who’s up-to-date on the newest and best technology? Clearly, you have a passion for it — and are adept at adapting to new tech on the fly. Working in IT requires you to stay on top of new tech, trends, and changing job roles.

5. You’re a gamer. Your love for video games has likely exposed you to basic IT concepts such as network connections and port forwarding, without you even knowing it. So why not turn your favorite hobby into a career?

6. You seek financial stability. It’s no secret that IT can pay well. According to InformationWeek, the average IT salary in 2013 in the United States was $90,000, and $120,000 for IT managers. If wealth is a motivating factor for you, IT certainly isn’t a bad option.

7. You have a DIY mindset. Remember that one time you took an appliance in to be fixed, saw the repair estimate, and your jaw about hit the ground? So you bought a book,  found YouTube videos, and got the job done yourself. A do-it-yourself approach often leads to success in IT because it proves your commitment to learning and ability to address issues quickly and efficiently.

What do you think are other signs that you should pursue an IT career?

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