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Coach’s Playbook: The Value of Study Plans

training-tip-of-the-week_EMAIL_orangeOnline training rocks. You just can’t beat the convenience of it. I love being able to use my CBT Nuggets subscription to solve problems in the moment (a.k.a. “on-demand” or “just-in-time” training). But that convenience can be a double-edged sword. I often talk myself out of doing my training in favor of doing tasks that are more “urgent,” which typically results in me pushing my scheduled training back, and back, and back again…

But here’s a tried and true trick for making your training happen, while still maintaining the flexibility that is often required of us during our work: make a study plan! I know it doesn’t sound exciting or sexy, but it works!

I build my study plans on a weekly basis, using a realistic estimate of how much time I can spend training. Using a weekly plan allows for a lot of flexibility, but also provides enough structure that, if I’m committed to the plan, will help ensure that I’m diving into my training and working my way toward my next certification.

Check out this sample study plan to see an example of what I’m talking about!

Now, give up your excuses and start planning!

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Karin About the Author: Karin Klinger is an Accountability Coach for CBT Nuggets. Her main goal, along with the rest of the Coaching Team, is to support, encourage, and provide additional resources for learners working to conquer an IT certification. 

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