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Coach’s Playbook: Certification is Only the Beginning

training-tip-of-the-week_EMAIL_blueEarning a certification is a major accomplishment and one that you should celebrate accordingly! It might be a day-trip, a weekend away, a day off from work, or maybe even just dinner out with your friends or family.

But what happens after the celebration is over?

In reality, your certification is only the beginning.

Once you’ve earned your certification, you are then responsible to maintain it! Many certifications require that you conduct ongoing and regular continuing education to keep your certification current. Other certifications require to you retake exams. In most instances, you have about 2-3 years during which your certification will remain valid and current… which the day after you pass your exam, feels like an eternity away but it can creep up on you fast!

So, take some time now – right now! – to look up the continuing education requirements and/or re-certification requirements for your latest certification. Don’t let your certification lapse as the days, weeks, and months after you initial success fill up and fly by.

Not sure where to find continuing education or re-certification information for your certification?  Here are some places to look for some of our most popular certification training courses:

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