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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Storage+

Top5-Comptia-Storage_EMAILThere are many ways to divide the IT landscape. One popular method breaks IT into three main areas: The first area is the compute resources themselves, client operating systems and server operating systems. Then there is the “plumbing” that connects these compute resources — the network portion of IT. Juniper and Cisco are the leaders here. The third and final area is storage. More and more, storage is becoming critically important, especially as end users expect seamless and scalable cloud-based storage options for everything from bank statements to family photos.

What are the top 5 reasons to master IT storage technology with CompTIA Storage+? Read on:
  1. You’ve heard of DAS, NAS, and SAN, but you’d love to thoroughly understand and explain the differences in these storage technologies.
  2. You want to advance your career by expanding your knowledge of critical IT concepts.
  3. You’d like to consult on and design complex Fibre Channel-based Storage Area Networks in the future.
  4. You’re responsible for converged networking technologies, specifically merging LAN and SAN traffic on key devices and links in your network infrastructure.
  5. You want to understand more about the latest in storage technologies, such as virtualization, security, and cloud-based infrastructures.
Bonus reason! From trainer Anthony Sequeira, who is currently making CBT Nuggets’ new CompTIA Storage+ course:
“Since storage is indeed such a critical aspect of IT, I think it is clear that you owe it to yourself to experience this new course from CBT Nuggets. It is truly unmatched – I know this because I compared it head-to-head with the few other courses that are available on this important topic.”
Subscribers can watch the completed videos of Anthony’s in-progress CompTIA Storage+ course here. Get started on mastering the “third area” of IT now!

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