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Tech News Bit: An Unpopular Popular App

email-blog-9Last week, Facebook released its messenger app, much to dismay of many users who are not happy about having to use a separate app to message with their friends on Facebook. Others have expressed privacy concerns because the app asks for permission to access certain data, not unlike other apps do, though.

Facebook had been encouraging users to download the app for awhile, but up until now, hadn’t been requiring users to have the app. Facebook officials claim the separate app will make messaging more seamless and faster for users. However, that hasn’t stopped users from expressing their displeasure about the change.

The result? While the messenger app currently is the most downloaded free app, it only has a 1-star rating. Read this Mashable article for a more in-depth look at the situation. It’s unfamiliar territory for Facebook because its previous apps received positive ratings.

It seems like an extreme move for a company to separate a key feature from it’s main app into a stand-alone app. After all, is it really necessary?

What are your thoughts? Will this hurt Facebook in the long run?



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