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New Course: CompTIA Storage+ SGO-001

comptia-storage-anthony_EMAILAs a result of our increasingly digital world, more and more people want their data properly and securely stored — whether it’s last year’s tax documents or zoo trip photos from last weekend. Start exploring modern storage technologies with a new CBT Nuggets training course,”CompTIA Storage+ SGO-001.”

During this in-depth 37-video course, CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeria covers everything you need to know about storage technologies, including fragmentation, physical networking hardware, virtualization in storage, and more! Anthony also included several “hands-on” videos to provide real-world instruction. This course maps to the CompTIA Storage+ certification exam, and is an excellent training resource.

No matter what area of IT you work in, this course has valuable info. Start watching it now!

P.S. Still wondering why should you learn Storage+? Anthony shares five reasons why in this blog post.


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