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Lync Factor: The Recap

CBT Nuggets trainer Chris Ward recently dove into the world of unified communications with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and documented his journey during his “Lync Factor” blog series. Here’s a recap of all the posts he shared!

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Part 1 – Chris introduces his Lync Factor series

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Part 2 – Chris discusses the keys to doing well on certification exams!

The Day-to-Day Drill – How a daily study routine can benefit you.

Seek the Little Things – Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference when it comes to studying.

Make a Home Lab – Chris shares tips to set up a home lab.

When Plan Meets Reality – Being able to make adjustments on the fly can be crucial to your success, even if it’s not part of your plan.

First Impressions of Lync Server 2013 – With his first exam in the books, find out how Chris did!

A Lync Love Affair – Why YOU should be excited about Lync Server 2013.

Crossing the Finish Line – Chris can’t wait to start diving into more detail about Lync Server 2013.

Don’t Worry, It’s Just an Upgrade – Chris explains more about making the switch to Microsoft Lync Server 2013.

It’s a Mystery – Chris reveals one of the likely answers to “it’s not working” in regard to Lync Server.

Working Through the Bad Times – Chris’ plan was thrown off course, and he shares how he overcomes hard times.

Lync Lessons through Losing – Sometimes, failing can lead you to the right answers.

Big Product, Picture, Perspective – Why it’s worth learning how to use Microsoft Lync Server’s many communication features.

How Important IS a Feature? – Chris shares advice about hot to determine which Lync Server features are best for your needs.

Closing Thoughts – Chris’ final words about Lync Server 2013.


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