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Lync Factor: Closing Thoughts

Editor’s note: Trainer Chris Ward recently earned Microsoft Lync Server certification. This is the 16th and final in a series of posts during which he shared his experiences and advice. 

Chris_LyncServerSeries_EMAILIt’s been a tremendous privilege to interact with you the past few months and chronicle my Lync Server 2013 journey — and become a MCSE: Communications.  There’s so much cool stuff I’ve learned, and so much LEFT to learn and get into.

You might ask yourself, “Why should I jump into this part of IT?”

My answer would be: “Because communication will always need to be supported.”

Obviously, technology will continue to improve, but having this baseline of information from a powerful Unified Communications suite is  vital to continued growth and support in your company.  Everyone needs to be able to communicate clearly and succinctly. Companies that utilize technologies such as Lync will always be a step ahead of those that do not.

I know that some might disagree with that position, but it has been my experience that companies that communicate better typically do better overall than companies that do not. Of course, any communication that takes place through technology must be well thought out and appropriate!

Does that mean that Lync is the only solution out there? No.

But, take a bit of time and check out Lync Server 2013! You’ll not regret it.

 And as always, Lync on my friends!


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