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Tech News Bit: Big Data & Real Estate

technews_housebigdata_EMAILIf you were in the market for a new house, what would be your first instinct? Browse through property listings? Hire a real estate agent? Gather word-of-mouth-recommendations?

All of those are logical steps, and traditionally, what most people do when they decide to start looking for a new home. But times are changing, and Big Data could soon be a major factor when it comes to the real estate market.

This Mashable article highlights several ways analytics are already impacting the real estate industry, including the role of real estate agents. Speaking of which, there’s debate about whether Big Data could reduce the need for real estate agents. In some ways it might, but a human perspective of a neighborhood can’t be beat, right?

What do you think? If you had access to all the data you could possibly want — in regards to a house, the surrounding community, etc. — would you pass on using a real estate agent?


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