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Tech News Bit: Add a Dash of Tech to Your Cookouts

email-blog (5)Who doesn’t enjoy grilling or barbecuing (yes, there’s a difference) on a nice summer day? So why not add a little flair to your cookouts — tech-style?!

Mashable has put together a list of gadgets that will not only wow your family and friends, but make your life easier. From ensuring those burgers turn out perfectly cooked to keeping the party tunes rocking, there’s a little of everything. Heck, even some of the cleanup is covered on this list (we’re looking at you, messy grills!). It’s pretty amazing how tech is becoming more interwoven in our daily lives, even when it comes to food!

My personal favorite on the list is the popsicle maker. Having a watermelon pop in a matter of minutes would be the perfect way to cap off a summer evening. YUM.

Which of these devices would you be most likely to use during a cookout? Do you use any of them already?


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