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Tech News Bit: Shapeshifting Furniture Attack!

email-blog (1)Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’ve got a group of friends coming over later to watch the latest episode of “Games of Thrones.” But a quick survey of your entertainment room reveals only a love seat and two end tables. Your guests could sit on the floor, but the hard surface might kill the vibe.

Not to worry. With the click of single button, the two end tables move toward each other and connect — creating a bench that can seat three of your friends!

Guess what? This scenario could become reality. This Mashable article highlights robotic modules (dubbed “Roombots”) with motors and Bluetooth capabilities that can change shapes.

One of the benefits of Roombots is that they could serve as assistive technology. For example, a table could raise itself up, so someone with a bad back wouldn’t have to bend over.

Would you decorate your living space with shapeshifting furniture?  Or would you be concerned about the robots turning on you?


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