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New Course: EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker v8.0

james-ethicalhacker_EMAILOne of the best ways to ensure strong security is to know what hackers do to circumvent it. Learn more about ethical hacking and prepare for the CEH 312-50 exam with this new CBT Nuggets training course, “EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker v8.0” with James Conrad.

During this 30-video course, James covers a wide variety of ethical hacking and security topics such as reconnaissance, scanning tools, cryptography, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), and more! This course also covers the topics found on the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam.

Here’s the complete list of videos for this course:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  3. Terms and Types of Hackers
  4. Virtualization
  5. Linux
  6. Reconnaissance: Overview
  7. Reconnaissance: Powerful Resources
  8. Footprinting and Countermeasures
  9. Social Engineering
  10. Scanning Overview
  11. Scanning Demos
  12. Enumeration
  13. Cracking Windows Passwords
  14. Password Principals and Cracking Linux Passwords
  15. System Hacking: ADS Steganography
  16. System Hacking: Keyloggers and Metasploit
  17. Malware
  18. Hack-O-Rama: Armitage, RAT and Netcat
  19. Hack-O-Rama: Rootkits and Trojans
  20. Sniffing Overview
  21. Sniffing Demos
  22. Denial of Service
  23. Hijacking
  24. Hacking Web Sites and Web Apps: Overview
  25. Hacking Web Sites and Web Apps: Demos
  26. Cryptography
  27. IDS
  28. Snort and Honeypots
  29. Wireless Overview
  30. Wireless Demos

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