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New Course: Cisco CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS

Cisco networking technology is widely used and respected. Learn how to keep Cisco devices secure with a new CBT Nuggets training course, “Cisco CCNP Security 300-206 SENSS.”Keith_CCNP_Security_EMAIL

During this 27-video course, trainer Keith Barker covers implementing and managing security on Cisco routers, switches, and more. He explains topics including port security, zone-based firewalls, and IPv6 security. This course is associated with the CCNP Security certification.

Here’s the complete video listing for the course:

  1. Welcome
  2. Port Security
  3. DHCP Snooping
  4. Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
  5. Source Guard
  6. Storm Control
  7. Private VLANS
  8. Protected Ports
  9. VACLs, pACLs and MACsec
  10. Remote Management
  11. RSA SSH Authentication
  12. SNMPv3 – CPPr
  13. iACLs
  14. uRPF
  15. NetFlow
  16. NAT and PAT
  17. Zone-Based Firewalls
  18. AAA
  19. Best Practices
  20. ASA CLI L3-4
  21. ASA CLI L5-7
  22. ASA Packet Capture
  23. Botnet Filtering
  24. Context Directory Agent
  25. Security Virtualization and IPS
  26. Management Tools
  27. IPv6 Security

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