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Lync Factor: First Impressions of Lync Server 2013

Editor’s Note: Trainer Chris Ward is studying for Microsoft Lync Server certification. This is the seventh in a series of posts during which he’ll share his experiences and advice. 

Chris_LyncServerSeries_EMAILFirst Lync exam is done! 70-336 is in the books.

I passed it! However, it kicked my posterior and humbled me a bit. Part of the issue is the lack of Transcender® practice exam materials. You all remember how I was tooting the horn of those practice exams as I was moving through my Server 2012 MCSA exams? They aren’t out there for the 336 or 337 exams, yet. Hopefully that will change soon!

Thankfully, the instructor/trainer I’m working with is a certified Communications Specialist who has been working in the field with this product. I can’t wait to share some of his stories (horrifying and encouraging) in MY 70-336 CBT Nuggets course starting this month! Plus, I’m already planning some lab environments that I hope to share with you as well.

That brings me to one of my first tips to all of you looking to implement this Unified Communications system in place soon:

Get a VM test lab to practice with… Now.  

The more you practice using Topology Builder, Lync 2013 Control Panel, and the Lync 2013 Management Shell (PowerShell), the better! The good news is that 90 percent or more of what you need to do in any environment, whether it be Enterprise Voice enabled or Standard, you can accomplish in the Control Panel. Microsoft will still hit you with PowerShell commands, but don’t worry, I will make sure to point those areas out in my upcoming Nugget course.

So pardon me as I stop typing here, and start typing up some lab ideas for the Enterprise Voice and Online Services with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 70-337 class. I have that test on Friday!

Lync on, my friends!


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