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Lync Factor: Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Part 2

Editor’s Note: Trainer Chris Ward is studying for Microsoft Lync Server certification. This is the second in a series of posts during which he’ll share his experiences and advice. 

I passed!Chris_LyncServerSeries_EMAIL

What a feeling of relief when that screen popped up. Let’s face it, as a CBT Nuggets trainer there is a certain expectation to possess the technical knowledge and ability to take concepts and relate them to an IT audience. If I’m not able to learn those concepts myself, how can I be expected to help others?!?

As I mentioned in my first post, the key was actually being able to perform tasks. The reality is that some of you work in Windows Server environments (2003, 2008, 2012) and perform a lot of the day-to-day operations all the time. However, for those of us who are just starting out, or aren’t allowed to “practice” in our live production environment, some of these tasks are easily understood, but hard to implement. The exam expects you to have an implementation-level knowledge.

I find for myself, and for others like me, that it takes about 2-3 times of actually doing something to get it down. Plus, let’s be realistic, most issues you face can be solved with the magical fairy dust known as TechNet or SpiceWorks forums. Certifications exist to make sure you’ve run through the features and understand the overall operating system capabilities. Everyone is different, but the person who has a big-picture view tends to be better at troubleshooting. You see things from all angles and have an understanding of how to approach things from those areas. Then, it just becomes a matter of practice and gaining experience in your field.

So, the 70-410 exam down, and 70-411 exam coming up.

Let’s see if my study methods work well enough that I pass it the first time through. I’m betting they do. Why? Because I believe in myself and in the training. Not believing in yourself or trusting your training materials, puts you at a disadvantage. So use the Kaplan/Transcender practice exams, etc. to get you feeling confident about test taking. Open up some VMs and blow things up. I am finding things become more and more familiar after I break things and have to fix them.

Keep your head up and Nugget On my friends!


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