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Tech News Bit: The Good and Bad of Working Remotely

One topic that continues to make waves in IT circles is working

Obviously, working remotely isn’t for everyone, but more companies are finding it financially beneficial to let employees work from home. According to this CIO article, the average employee who telecommutes two days a week saves $3,800 per year, while the average employer saves $11,000 per year.

These savings result from reduced real estate, transportation, and infrastructure costs. An added bonus: It benefits the environment because of decreased emissions from vehicles. So wouldn’t it beneficial for companies to have all employees work remotely? There is more to consider than money, though.
One of the main aspects that defines CBT Nuggets is our company culture. Egos are checked at the door and everyone brings positive energy and attitudes, resulting in an interactive and collaborative environment. It is hard to experience the full effects and benefits of a company culture when you’re not there.

One of the biggest issues with employees working remotely, is of course, security. Having access to confidential information when you are not in a secure location is a liability for any company. So should your company allow remote workers?

The answer is… maybe.

If your company is considering allowing employees to telecommute, there are few things to remember. Managers need to have firm expectations and guidelines for those employees. Also, it is important to realize this type of work environment is not meant for everyone. Some employees may excel in social environments, while others thrive in seclusion. And lastly, make sure all employees sign NDAs and that their devices are secure.

Do you work remotely? What are your thoughts about it?


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