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Tech News Bit: It Takes More Than 2D to Tango

techbit_tango_EMAILAll-knowing Google is stepping up its game with Project Tango, a mobile device that records space and movement and then displays a 3-D environment! Get all the details (so far) on Project Tango here.

Google wants to provide this device with a “human-scale understanding of space and motion” by mapping our surroundings into an interactive world. With this device recording a quarter million 3D measurements every second, how could we use it? Well, there are a few ways that it could save (or kill) time.

Shopping during holiday season peak hours can raise your blood pressure and test your patience. Project Tango could have a store mapped out and guide you to exactly what you are looking for in mere seconds.

Or, you could turn a waiting room visit into a digital mapping session by scanning the room and creating a digital map.

How do you think we will use this innovative technology?


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