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New Course: vCenter Orchestrator 5.5 Foundations

Learn to utilize useful features of VMware vCenter’s powerful automation tool with a new CBT Nuggets course, “vCenter Orchestrator 5.5 Foundations for vSphere

Trainer Greg Shields put together this 9-video, info-packed course to help vSphere admins learn key Orchestrator 5.5 features such as workflows and presentations, and more. He also walks users through a real-world example of implementing tasks in vSphere environments!

Here’s the complete video list for the course:

  1. Installing vCenter Orchestrator
  2. Executing and Scheduling Workflows in the vSphere Client
  3. Introducing the Orchestrator Client
  4. Constructing a Basic Workflow
  5. Configuring Presentation
  6. Adding Looping to Workflow
  7. Integrating Active Directory Activities
  8. Executing PowerShell Commands through Orchestrator
  9. Customizing Orchestrator Webviews

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