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New Course: CompTIA Security+ SY0-401

IT pros who know how to keep data and networks secure are highly valued. Start learning IT security basics with a new CBT Nuggets training course, “CompTIA Security+ SY0-401.”keith_comptia_security_EMAIL

During this 36-video course, trainer Keith Barker covers network design security, strategies to reduce risks, attack types, authentication methods, and more! This course prepares learners for the SY0-401 certification exam. The CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the most recognized and sought-after IT security certifications.

Here’s the complete video listing for the course:

  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Network Security Devices
  3. Security Admin Principles
  4. Network Design Security
  5. Protocols and Ports
  6. Wireless Security
  7. Control Types
  8. Risk Calculations
  9. 3rd-Party Integration Risk
  10. Strategies to Reduce Risks
  11. Forensics
  12. Incident Response
  13. Security Awareness
  14. Physical and Environmental Security
  15. Risk Management
  16. The Correct Controls for CIA
  17. Malware
  18. Attack Types
  19. Social Engineering
  20. Wireless Attacks
  21. Application Attacks
  22. Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
  23. Discovery Tools
  24. Penetration Testing
  25. App. Security Controls and Techniques
  26. Security for Mobile
  27. Host Security
  28. Data Security
  29. Static Environment Security
  30. Authentication Services and Protocols
  31. Authentication Methods
  32. Authorization Models
  33. Account Management
  34. Crypto Concepts
  35. Crypto Protocols
  36. PKI

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