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Linux for Mortals: Closing Thoughts

Editor’s Note: This is the final in a series of posts about Linux written by CBT Nuggets’ Linux expert, Shawn Powers. Click here to read his earlier posts.

Blog-email 2With a series title, “Linux for Mortals,” it’s fairly obvious I was going to talk about Linux for eight weeks. It’s true that learning Linux will make you a better all-around technologist. It’s true Linux can open doors and opportunities otherwise not available. But it’s also true that no one likes to hang around with the guy who says:

“You’re so stupid. Linux is better than everything else in every possible way. I bet you kiss a photo of Bill Gates before you go to bed every night. And he probably kisses a picture of you too because he has spyware installed on your laptop so he can look through your webcam. And your Mac is just overpriced crap. I can build the same thing in a shoebox for half the price and it won’t have stupid OSX on it either, it’ll have LINUX because LINUX is better. And you’re dumb!”

Don’t be that guy or gal.

I think the most important thing an IT professional can learn is discernment. If you’re strictly a Linux person, you should learn some Windows stuff. If you’re a self-proclaimed Apple Fanboy, you should really learn some Linux. And if you really do kiss a photo of Bill Gates every night because you sold out that much for Microsoft, you should learn some Linux so you can intelligently defend your beliefs. The truth of the matter is, Linux is here to stay, and in many situations, it makes sense to use it. Remember, your job as an IT professional is to give the answers a Google search can’t provide. You need to make judgement calls. You need to plan for growth, efficiency, cost, and sustainability. The only way you can do that is if you understand all of your options, and you can create the best of solution for whatever circumstance you’re in.

I’m passionate about Linux, but more than that, I’m passionate about helping people become a better version of themselves. If you’re worried Linux is beyond your ability to learn or comprehend, I urge you to take a look at my in-progress CBT Nuggets course, “Linux Essentials.” Yes, it will prepare you for the Linux Essentials certification from the Linux Professional Institute, but more importantly it will get you over that initial hump. I designed the course for folks who know nothing at all about Linux. I don’t assume you even understand what Linux is, much less how to use it.

But honestly, whatever method you choose to learn more about Linux, I urge you to do so. It will make you a better Windows admin. It will make you a smarter decision maker. And most importantly, it will make you a better IT professional.


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