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Trainers Answer: Favorite App

Everyone has a favorite app, whether it’s a can’t-stop-playing-it game or an organizational tool. Below, some of our trainers share their top picks for fun, tech, and productivity.



  • Tech: NetSpot (Wi-Fi analyzer/heatmaps)
  • Productivity: Probably Evernote, but I suppose it depends on what I’m doing!
  • Fun: Scrabble and Angry Birds


Greg: Steam. It’s a beautiful example of real-world applicability for both cloud computing and app virtualization.

Jim: Gotta be Evernote.  It’s my fifth lobe.

Chris: The P90X app has been a big help in keeping me on track with my workouts, and along with the Fitbit app enabling me to maintain a bit more healthy lifestyle.  For fun I’m really into the Simpsons “Tapped Out” app.  Very addictive.

Garth: The good ol’ flashlight app, it saves me from the dark often.

Anthony: My favorite app would have to be Word – I think it is pretty funny how we take an excellent word processor for granted these days!

Jeremy: iPRTG – Lets me see my monitored networks on my iPhone. LiveCams lets me see my kids sleeping while I’m fixing the monitored networks.

Keith: Fitbit, geoDefense Storm, Bitcoin tracker.

Steve C.: I thoroughly enjoy Free Flow and am determined to get a better score than my daughter. I like Remember the Milk as a productivity tool and my all-time favorite app ever is the CBT Nuggets mobile app.


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