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Tech Bit: Women in Tech

March is Women’s History Month, so what better way to celebrate than to honor the female pioneers in math, science and technology with a tech bit? Grace Hopper, Edith Clarke, and Jean Bartik (to name a few), have made great advancements to technology and have paved the way for women of future generations to pursue careers in typically male-dominated fields.

Although the tech industry has made great strides to close the gender gap, there is still a long way to go. In a Forbes article, Shama Kabani, founder & CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, stressed the importance of leveling the playing field for girls and boys at a young age to ensure that everyone can develop the necessary skill sets to succeed in the future. By continuing to shift the cultural perceptions of technology as being primarily a male domain, we will experience more diversity in the field which will push us to think in new ways and become more creative and strategic.

Learn more about women in tech:

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For the first time in UC Berkley history, there are more women than men taking Intro to CS. What’s that mean for CS in higher ed? The Huffington Post takes a look.

The 15 most important women in tech, according to MaximumPC.



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