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Tech News Bit: Google Smartwatch Specs Leaked

Last year was arguably the best year we’ve seen yet for wearable (1)

And with Nike’s updated FuelBand SE, both iterations of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and a handful of other companies such as Sony and FitBit working on even better smartwatches and fitness trackers, competition has become more fierce than ever.

Apple and Google, who many expect to introduce game-changing products on the market later this year, have kept details of their wearable devices tightly under wraps — with only rumors and speculation keeping consumers curious and excited.

But all of that changed last week when mobile tech leaker @evleaks released details on Google’s upcoming smartwatch. The smartwatch reportedly will be made by LG, which makes sense given Google’s long-standing relationship with the Nexus maker.

The detailed specs include a 1.65 inch screen with a resolution of 280 pixels by 280 pixels and a screen density of 240. The smartwatch also will include 512MB of RAM on board and 4GB of storage. Judging by these specs, it looks like the screen resolution is slightly lower than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, but that the watch has the same amount of RAM and storage.

No official release date has been announced for Google’s smartwatch, but the general consensus is that we will see the search engine giant’s smartwatch sometime soon this year.

Which wearable devices are you looking forward to most in 2014? Does Google’s smartwatch top your wish list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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