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Tech News Bit: Choosing a Streaming Media Device

Are you considering purchasing a streaming media device? Why would you want a device that streams the same content you can get with an Xbox Live account? Is it necessary?techbit-roku_EMAIL

Yes. Yes it is.

I’m not sure if any of you have used the Netflix app through Xbox Live (not to pick on Microsoft… or Netflix), but there are some flaws. Besides the load time and slow navigation, these platforms can have limited channels. So with Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, and Amazon throwing their hats into the rink, what’s the best solution?

One word: Roku.

This puck-sized streaming box enables you to watch more than 1,200 channels (you can get more details on Roku in this MicroNugget). Roku also offers a lower priced “stick” that plugs right into your HDMI port.

Now, other media streamers offer similar devices and services, so what’s the incentive to go with Roku? Enter Roku’s coolest feature: a remote with a headphone jack enabling you to watch your favorite shows without disturbing anyone in the room. Another bonus is that Roku is completely focused on their streaming service, while competitors have to spread their attention over other aspects of their businesses.

Do you use a media streaming device? What’s your favorite app? What app would you like to see created? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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