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Security Training and the Google Maps ‘Breaker’

Have you heard of Brian Seely? He’s been in the news recently after he “broke” Google Maps. In case you missed it, Seely made fake Google Maps listings for places like, oh, the FBI — with his own phone number displayed. He routed calls to the real field offices, but stayed on the line and recorded the conversations.

A few weeks ago, Seely held a reddit AMA. Along with questions about his maptivism, Seely was asked what resources he recommended for someone learning computer security. Turns out, he likes CBT Nuggets!

Of course, we can’t condone the use of torrent sites (as Seely suggests), but we can make it easier for you to see the relevant security training we offer. Here’s the training that correlates to Seely’s recommendations:

Seely also recommended learning networking, PowerShell and command prompt, which are covered in these courses:


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