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New Course: Salesforce Intermediate

jim_salesforce_intermediate_EMAILDive deeper into the features and functionality of Salesforce with a new CBT Nuggets course, “Salesforce Intermediate.”

During this 20-video course, trainer Jim Anthony explores Salesforce on a more advanced level, covering topics that include improving customer engagements, lead nurturing, reporting, and more.

Here is the complete list of videos in this course:

  1. Improve Customer Engagement with Salesforce
  2. How to Set Up Lead Scoring in Salesforce
  3. What is Lead Nurturing?
  4. Managing Opportunities
  5. Forecast & Pipeline Management
  6. Native Email Features in Salesforce
  7. Using Reports
  8. Sales Process
  9. Using Salesforce 1 on iPhone
  10. Using Salesforce Chatter
  11. Working with App Exchange
  12. Salesforce & Google
  13. Using to Update and Clean Records
  14. Account Hierarchies
  15. Staying in Touch
  16. Using Dashboards
  17. Workflow Rules
  18. Working with Formulas
  19. Setting Up an Approvals Process
  20. Custom Objects

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