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Get to Know the Nugget Hero

Rob Haas, an IT systems analyst from Indiana, was the winner of our latest Nugget Hero contest. We’ll be periodically checking in with Rob, who won a year’s subscription to CBT Nuggets. To kick things off, here’s a quick Q&A on why he got into IT, his career goals, and more!nugget_hero_email

Q: What was your reaction to winning Nugget Hero?

Rob: I had no idea about the Nugget Hero contest until I was notified that I had won (his wife nominated him). I was ecstatic because there is so much useful information and training on the site will help me study for future exams and assist in my career goals.

Q: What are you currently training for?

Rob: On a school level, I am training for the CCNA currently. On a personal level, I am diving into penetration testing, CISSP, Linux, CEH, and many other security courses.

Q: What’s your career goal/dream job?

Rob: My career goal is to get into some branch of law enforcement to assist in apprehending cyber criminals.

Q: So far, how often are you training per day?

Rob: This really depends on time. Some days, I only get a few minutes; others a few hours.

Q: What do you like to do outside of school/work/training?

Rob: Play video games, spend time with family and friends, exercise, and participate in any outdoor sport.

Q: What spurred your interest in IT?

Rob: I have been working on computers since I was about 8 years old. I have always enjoyed troubleshooting and have just continued to advance my skills and pursue IT throughout my life.

Q: What do you like about CBT Nuggets’ training approach?

Rob: The number one thing I really like is the trainers. They really make CBT Nuggets stand out from any other video training that I have used. They are down-to-earth and do not try to just cram information without explaining it. Every thought is explained in detail, and the courses are easy to follow.

Q: Any tips for using CBT Nuggets?

Rob: My biggest tip is simply to come in with clear thoughts and expectations to the way the training works. It is unlike any other video training experience and you will not be disappointed. I have recommended CBT Nuggets to several people since becoming Nugget Hero. They have all been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the training and how much they enjoy it.

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