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Kaplan® IT Training Practice Exams on CBT Nuggets

You’ve heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” We happen to agree with this statement.

Through our partnership with Kaplan, CBT Nuggets Premium subscribers have unlimited access to Kaplan® IT Training practice exams.

To view a demo practice exam from Kaplan® IT Training, visit their Demo Practice Exams page and click on the “Test Engine Product Tour” on the left.

Take a practice exam before you begin a course to see what you know. Test again throughout a  course – as often as you need – to chart your progress and prepare for the real exam.

After you take a practice exam, you can review answers and get not only a detailed explanation, but a very clear direction of the areas in which you need improvement. You can use this info to optimize your future practice exams by exam objectives to suit your study needs.

From there, hone your study skills, and get ready to pass your certification exam!


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