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Trainers Answer: How Do You Keep Calm in an Exam?

Recently, we asked our social media followers: How do you keep calm during an exam? Now, find out how the trainers keep their cool:

Garth: Slow and controlled breathing. If that fails, I pound my face on the keyboard until the nerves subside. keep_calm_image

Greg: Calm? After some 40+ exams, I have a hard time getting anxious. A curious side-effect: Take enough exams and you start intuiting the psychometrics of question item design. It’s like Prometric Jedi.​

Keith: Prep beforehand and smile during.

Chris: Think about where I’m going for lunch afterwards.

Tim: Breathing exercises.

Shawn: Preparation.

Anthony: I LOVE taking cert exams. So I never really feel any anxiety.

Steve C.: Know I will pass before I start, i.e be prepared.

Scott: Nothing special. Just know your stuff, and stress doesn’t happen.

Jeremy: I’ve taken so many of them, I’ve gone numb to anxiety – they’re just a normal part of my day.


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