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Trainers Answer: Favorite Tech Gadget?

Recently, we asked our Facebook and Google+ followers: What’s your favorite tech gadget? Now, see how some of the trainers answered!

Garth:  Synology NAS box! Centralized storage/backup, streaming media center, private cloud. Does it get any better? Honorable mention to nest thermostat!

Jeremy: My iPhone – I feel naked if I forget it at home…traffic lights feel so much shorter. (He’s joking… we think.)


Michael: Vox ToneLab EX guitar processor

Chris: Smartphone and iPad.  I can do practically everything with them.

Don: My iPhone

Keith: Galaxy Note 3 tablet

Anthony: The MacBook Pro Retina Display

Jim: iPhone/iPad — toss up

Tim: Overall, I like my iPad Air the best. I’ve had every generation of iPad thus far, and the Air is the best of them all. This is my “content consumption” device–I do just about all of my professional and recreational reading on it, and keep it by my side when I watch TV so I can research stuff as questions pop into my mind. It’s wonderful.

Shawn: Cellphone. It doesn’t really matter what brand or model, although I’m currently sporting an iPhone (for compatibility with my family… shared music, GPS locations, etc). Having the Internet in my pocket is something I can’t imagine doing without. Very, very rarely do I actually *talk* on my phone though.


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