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Trainers Answer: Coolest Fictional Tech

Recently, we asked our social media fans: “If you could have one piece of fictional tech from a movie or TV show, what would you choose?” Now, find out how some of our trainers answered!

Garth: Cloaking device! I would scare the crap out of my family with it, daily.

Chris: T.A.R.D.I.S. from Dr. Who. “Geronimo!!”

Scott: I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want a transporter.  Although a time machine would be very nice too!  Possibly more useful.  😉

Keith: Transporter.

Jeremy: I’ll take a clone from “The Island” – he could help me keep up with life right now…then I could harvest him for organs when I get old (hey…it’s the movie’s premise…just saying…)

Shawn: A replicator from Star Trek. If they’re backordered, I’d settle for a holodeck.

Tim: Probably the dream machine from Inception.

Anthony: Who doesn’t want a lightsaber?

Greg: NZT-48, but only after they “work the bugs out of it.”

Steve C.: I loved Tron and the thought of being inside the technology.





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