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Trainers Answer: Best Source of IT Career News/Advice

Recently, we asked our social media followers: What’s your go-to source for IT career news/advice? We posed the same question to our trainers, and here’s what they said:

Shawn: I’m a writer/editor for Linux Journal, and it seems like cheating to say them. So… lately, I’ve been very impressed with The Verge. I’m a big fan of Lifehacker as

Greg: The random musings and deep thoughts of my company’s other Senior Partner, Don Jones, at his off-the-radar blog site:

Chris: LifehackerCNET, and

Garth: TechRepublic.

 Tim: Google News.

Steve C.: Friends and personal network plus CBT Nuggets.

Anthony: I have really been relying on now. I also love Mac Rumors since I am a bit obsessed with Apple products still.

Jeremy: Honestly, CBT Nuggets social media group is all I follow. (Hey… we’re sensing a theme!)

Scott: I don’t think one really cuts it.  I read lots.  Or at least skim plenty.  My mailbox gets VERY full!

Keith: Don’t really have one specific source for IT career news/advice (Google most likely).



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